Executive Coaching/Mentoring Service


Optir Executive Coaching (OEC) is a provider of leadership coaching and mentoring service. Its philosophy and model are based on a pragmatic approach to the needs of persons occupying positions of leadership and broad experience on profiles of such individuals.


 OEC’s approach demystifies the stereotype of the “lonely” leader. It projects profiles of individuals driven by clear vision, extraordinary will and energy with an ability to shape people’s expectations and motivation towards this vision. It deals with the needs of the client to identify gaps for additional knowledge, accurate intelligence gathering, resources, societal acceptance and strategies and explore avenues in meeting them by effecting behavioral change.


OEC offers rich experiences in running different kinds of operating entities in many countries. Its coach is known for his balanced character and calm with observing and listening capabilities as well as communications skills at most social, political or business environments. For more details click here.


The service is provided only on a one-to-one basis in total confidentiality. No client data is given to a third party without his/her consent.


On request, an exploratory discussion can be arranged. Ahead of this meeting the client would be asked to provide briefs about himself and his organisation.  At its aftermath a programme framework will be submitted for his comments that would initiate the service process.  For details click here.


The content of this site is for information only. To contact OEC click here