The service overarching goal is to enhance client’s capacity to form a vision and mobilise his team for its realisation. It aims at improvements in organisational performance and personal effectiveness. It is constructed with details intended to match exactly his/her unique needs and is developed jointly using a background template developed by OEC.


The first phase is initiated by evaluating the visionary capacity of the client, his understanding of the coaching/mentoring concept, his personal commitment as well as his/her expectations from a leader’s coaching programme. These expectations are tested against his/her perceived needs for additional knowledge, accurate intelligence, resources, societal acceptance and strategies. The approach ensures that the programme goal and end-game horizon are agreed at this point.


In the next stage specific assessments of the starting situation with focus on perceived needs are carried out, using instruments such as 360° feedback and interviews with the client's closer business and social environment including his family.


After evaluation of the assessments results, a detailed plan of actions is drawn setting a series of coaching sessions involving physical meetings as well as additional lateral actions run in parallel.


In the ending phase a joint evaluation of the programme is produced including a frank feedback by the client on OEC's efficiency and effectiveness. This evaluation also includes client’s changes relevant to his leadership style consequent to the programme and future coaching needs.