About OEC


Optir Executive Services (OEC) is provided by Konstantinos (Dino) Vlahodimos, a retired executive with broad experience inadvocacy and front-line operations of large multinational corporations.In his early years he has been a naval officer of the Greek navy. Through residence and nature of business activity he has had contacts at senior level in various countries.


He is familiar with political and business centres in Europe, the US, and other continents, has contributed with articles for trade media and has been a keynote speaker at conferences. He has worked in key positions in national defence administrations, run independent subsidiary operations of international corporations and internal consultantcy services. He has designed and operated a global industry advocacy federation for a sector under severe public debate pressure. He has acted as moderator at various events.


He is resident in Brussels monitoring political developments at EU level through his contact with EU policy reflection groups including the European Policy Centre, an established policy development think-tank.


Full details CV can be provided on request.